July 8, 2010

All Glory To The Hypnotoad

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When I asked my brother what image he might want embroidered to hang on his wall, he immediately said “Hypnotoad.” I have to admit, that wasn’t what I expected him to say, but I was happy to comply.

For those who might not know, Hypnotoad is a random minor character from the alive-again Futurama. As his name implies, he hypnotizes crowds with his crazy eyes. My favorite Hypnotoad moment, an extra from one of the Futurama movie DVDs, is here:

I did a quick online search to find a Hypnotoad image and was overall unimpressed. I felt that no matter how I did this, there would be no way I could get the eyes right. But further searching led me to this picture, a Shepard Fairey-inspired Hypnotoad, and I knew this image could convey all that is Hypnotoad, even without the sound.

The final piece is 8×10 and has roughly 6 billion stitches in it, mostly outline stitch and back stitch. If I ever say I want to make something this big, completely filled in, again, please slap me.



  1. Donnell said,

    Your hypnotoad is fabulous.

  2. norm said,

    that is fantastic! hope you don’t mind me grabbing a copy of the picture. ;o)

    like your brother, the hypno-toad is one of my favorite incidental characters from futurama. i like the shepard fairey look and the ‘obey’ just seems so fitting!

    the link is to a photo i posted on FB, taken from the promo for the new episodes. i did a screen grab of him once before and had the same problem with the eyes…i had to keep playing and pausing to try and get the pupils in a good spot. it was such a pain i didn’t bother on this one and just took the still from where it happened to grab it. 🙂

  3. Katie said,

    Love it 🙂

  4. The color scheme is the best. 😀

  5. Pam said,

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone! I’m so happy with how – ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD!

  6. Bernard said,

    I want one. How much would you charge to make me one?

  7. […] you, but of all the Shepard Fairey-inspired needlework images of amphibious animated characters, this is definitely one of my top-eight favorite Shepard Fairey-inspired needlework images of amphib […]

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