August 2, 2010

Celtic Cross Embroidery

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , , , at 5:01 pm by Pam

After I made my mother a pillow for her birthday, she mentioned to me that my sister-in-law had really liked it. Of course, when she told me that, I already knew what to make.

I knew I wanted to go with a Celtic design of some sort, as my sister-in-law is part Irish, and I spent days poring over design books, many of which spent pages explaining how to design your own Celtic knots. I finally found one that was simple enough to stitch without looking cluttered but complex enough to still have that knotted look.

I stitched this with a dark green outline stitch on a light green background. The dark green really stood out, but I wanted to add a touch of gold to make it look more special. I used a metallic gold thread to whip the stitches. Whipping is when a second color of thread is basically wrapped around the embroidered stitches. The whip stitch is passed under the stitch but not through the fabric, like in the picture above. Always begin on the same side of the stitch so that the second thread looks like it’s wrapping around the first thread.

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