September 22, 2010

Music Wreath for Melody

Posted in Uncategorized tagged , , at 10:23 am by Pam

A few months ago, my friend Melody was hanging out at my place, and she noticed the book wreath I have hanging on my wall. I took it down and showed her how it was made. So when her birthday rolled around, I thought I’d make her her very own version.

I searched far and wide for music scores to use. Not only is my friend’s name Melody, but she also loves playing music, so music paper seemed more fitting than an old novel. I finally found some scores, discarded from UMass Lowell, and ripped them up into smaller pieces for gluing.

I actually like how the edges of the pages are slightly fuzzy from ripping. The music score also gives the wreath an entirely different look, and I’d love to see wreaths made of books and music paper hanging side-by-side.


  1. Miguel M said,

    Hi Pam i was just wondering if i am able to use your second picture as a background of a picture of me?.. I really love it thanks anyways.

  2. Casey said,

    I teach AP Music Theory in a high school and would love to make this wreath for my classroom’s door. This is exquisite! I know that you got the inspiration from someone else, but could you possibly share how you made this by video or blog? I’d prefer to make it your way because the other person’s wreath that you originally referenced is not as clean and polished as yours.

    Seriously, beautiful.

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