October 9, 2010

Be Excellent To Each Other!

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Have you heard that there’s a potential third Bill and Ted movie in the works? I’m a huge fan of the original (and yes, the sequel had some decent moments), and the news got me thinking about just how great a movie Excellent Adventure is. One of my favorite moments is when the boys meet the princesses and play around in authentic armor. Bill accidentally pushes Ted down a flight of stairs, and when he gets down to the bottom of the stairs, he finds another knight pushing a sword through Ted’s armor. No worries, though – Ted rolled out of the suit as he fell down the stairs.

I found this suit of armor clipart and gothic font online, and I love how the design looks so serious, especially when you consider what the words say. The armor is done in back stitch and French knots (a little satin stitch, too), and while I had originally intended just to outline the letters, I went with satin stitch instead and am very happy with the outcome. (My satin stitch abilities also got about ten times better while working on this piece alone!)

What’s your favorite Bill and Ted quote? Because I could quote “the two great ones” all day…


  1. giddy girlie said,

    This is fantastic! I have so many favorite Bill & Ted lines that it’s hard to pick! I need to go find my toys! They plug into an “amplifier” and play guitar. They’re most excellent… They used to be on a bookshelf but now they’ve wandered off!

  2. Pam said,

    Ah, that action figure is so awesome!!

  3. Erin said,

    I watched this movie so many times growing up! This also means that Keanu always seems to be Ted in every single movie he’s ever done. That makes his action flicks and rom-coms quite unintentionally hilarious more often than not.

  4. Pam said,

    He totally does. It also makes the Sad Keanu meme that much sadder.

    By the way, this movie was on HBO last night and my brother and I made our parents watch. They seemed to have found it amusing (not “cute” like I thought they would say, which is their version of “meh”). Much like movies like Princess Bride and Empire Records, I had to bite my tongue from speaking along with every single line so that everyone in the room wouldn’t hate me.

  5. Ricki said,

    Caesar is a salad dressing dude!

    My brother and I loved this movie as kids, and I was wondering…..does anyone else recall the Saturday morning cartoon show based on the film? The first episode involved Marco Polo.

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