June 8, 2011

Phat Quarter Book Swap

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My life has generally been beyond shitty lately, so when a new Phat Quarter embroidery swap rolled around, I was not particularly gung-ho on participating. But then I saw that the theme was books, and I felt that, as a librarian and bookseller, I would be remiss NOT to partake in the challenge. For someone who loves books as much as I do (have you been to my book blog?), you’d think I would have an easy time coming up with an idea, but I was stumped (that not-wanting-to-participate thing probably had something to do with that).

I was discussing Edward Gorey with someone at the bookstore one day, and finally inspiration struck. I flipped through the anthologies of his work (Amphigorey, Amphigorey Too, Amphigorey Also, and Amphigorey Again) and came across the above image, one that I had never noticed before. I thought it was more than perfect for the swap.

The piece is done all in backstitch, and while the original has a lot of muted color in it, I like the simplicity of black and white for Gorey’s art. I hope my swap partner anUnquietMind enjoys the piece.

I received this amazing piece from crafty mcgee. I sent her a bunch of ideas of books I love, including a link to my book blog, and she captured a scene from one of my favorite recent books, The Night Bookmobile by Audrey Niffenegger. The graphic novel tells the story of a mysterious bookmobile and a woman’s love of books. It’s a fast read. I even got two of my coworkers, neither of whom have ever read a graphic novel before, to read it through.

What I found especially touching is that the face detail on the left side of the bookmobile is actually from one of my photos that crafty mcgee pulled from my photostream. She did an amazing job capturing the image in a space the size of a quarter (here’s a comparison of the images). What she didn’t know, though, is that I look at the picture every day because it hangs right above my TV. And when I finally get around to hanging my Wall of Awesome (including this and all the other pieces I’ve received), the two will be near each other.

April 13, 2010

Putting Those Old Books To Good Use

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I’m a librarian (or, at least, so says my degree), and I’ve always loved books. I have a hard time parting with books, even ones that I flat out hate. When I do get rid of them, I try to at least sell them to a used book store, but they never accept them all, and I’m left with the worst of the ones I already hate. Those could easily go into the recycling bin, but why not get creative with them?

When I saw this post on Living with Lindsay last fall, I knew I had found a use for those books. It took me months to get myself in gear, however. I painted the edges of the book with some gold paint, and then proceeded to leave it to dry for roughly a month. One night out of the blue, however, I got a hankering to work on the wreath, and with some company from my DVR, I polished this project off in just a few hours.

Lindsay’s instructions are pretty straight-forward, so the only advice I can offer is to find your least favorite book on your shelf and get to work right away. I recently cleaned out my library and found a whole stack of things I don’t want – time to get to work!